Data Center Power Solutions

Advanced Power and Cooling Solutions designed for maximum uptime and security

Low, medium and high voltage solutions for:

  • Data Centers and Data Warehouses
  • Colocation centers
  • Back-up Generator systems for Data facilities

Extensive range of power cables including:

  • LSZH Power Cables
  • PVC Compliant cables with AS standards
  • Power Flex Control Cable Series
  • Underground cabling
  • Submersible cables for liquid cooling systems
  • Cables for anti-propagation of fire
  • Safety cables
  • High temperature cabling
  • Comprehensive Data sheets
  • Labelling and custom design colours

Our international team of solution specialists assist with:

  • Integrated planning for maximum power efficiency
  • Generator and 4 level back up systems including solar power, diesel and battery storage systems
  • Cable drawings, specification review and design
  • Manufacture
  • Supply
  • Technical Support
  • Connectors
  • Assembly of cabling equipment with accessories
  • Data center kits

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