Electrical Enclosures

Our stocked range of electrical  enclosures and electrical cabinets are vast and offers you the ability to house and protect your electrical, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic components from environmental conditions as well as protect personnel from equipment risks.

Our range of enclosures include those made from plastics such as ABS, Poly carbonate and Polyester. We also offer Fiberglass, Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium and die-cast Aluminium.

Aluminium die-cast  electrical enclosures

Versatile general purpose aluminium enclosures in a range of sizes and IP ratings. These general purpose die cast boxes are available in a range of sizes, all of which have close fitting lids secured by either 4, 6 or 8 countersunk screws, ensuring excellent EMI / RFI screening.

Some models are flanged for easy mounting and suited to a wide array of applications as they can be easily machined and customised. Examples include remote control systems, radio instrumentation, keypads, display boards, entry system controls and more

Steel  electrical enclosures in grey and orange

Our Industrial grade enclosures come with a minimum protection rating of IP66 (Dust tight and protected against powerful water jets). The mounting plate is a generous 2mm thick to carry the heaviest of loads.

Our Steel enclosures are UV resistant powder coated, ensuring they will last and continue to look good. Subject to minimum order requirements and lead times we can modify and custom build enclosures to your specifications.

Stainless steel enclosures

These enclosures are manufactured with 1.2mm thick 304 grade stainless steel, with 1.5mm thick doors for extra rigidity. The mounting plate is a generous 2mm thick to carry the heaviest of loads. Interior and mounting plates are painted white to reduce glare inside enclosure.

With ingress protection rating of IP66, and the heavy duty stainless steel construction, these enclosures are sure to perform and impress.

Industrial plastic enclosures – indoor and outdoor

An extensive range of plastic enclosures suitable for various applications. Material choice is dependent on application.

ABS plastic is suitable for indoor use only, but with the addition of polycarbonate, the ABS/PC blend is suitable for outdoor applications. Polyester will provide even greater strength and resistance to the elements.

Fibreglass electrical  enclosures

The Diamondshield Series is our product offering developed for design flexibility and pleasing aesthetics. Applications include high-end electronics, harsh corrosive environments, and industrial applications both indoors and out. Unique internal panel management capabilities provides the end user with only the features they need for their application, yet able to use every cubic inch of valuable internal enclosure space.

The J Series product line was developed as an industrial enclosure for harsh, aggressive environments. Originally developed as an electrical junction box for the oil refining and petrochem industries, the J series has evolved over the years into a versatile industrial enclosure with varied applications.

Ideal for where Stainless Steel Enclosures would be considered.

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