Mining Cables, Reeling and Trailing Cables

Power Flex Cables specialises in a range of mining cables designed to meet international standards and specific needs of the Australian and worldwide mining industry. The quality and toughness of these products make Power Flex mining cables, much sought after on world markets and with over 60 years of experience, we consider Power Flex Cables to have both the knowledge and the experience to supply the correct solutions to your problems.

Power Flex Cables can deliver reeling and trailing cables that can be broadly used in multi-purpose mining platforms, transformer stations, coal mining machines and other mining facilities for power supply, one for underground mining use and the other for non-underground used which conforming to International and Australian Standards. They possess such characteristics as fire retardant, abrasion resistance, flexibility and stable electrical performance under damp conditions.

Our quality European mining cables, reeling and trailing cables are innovatively engineered and manufactured , designed for your toughest conditions. Power Flex mining, provides a safer, longer lasting and more durable cables for world wide usage indoors, outdoors and under the sea – for normal or harsh environments, normal and extreme weather and temperatures we combine sophisticated, advanced technology and rugged durability, our mining cables are also designed to help provide the greatest levels of safety and productivity.

Power Flex Cables is also involved in competitive pricing, timely responses, on time delivery and with 60 years of experience in our technical team we have both the knowledge and the experience to supply the correct solutions to your problems. OEM and IEC Certification.

Power Flex Cables save you time and money, we make sure that your project is completed to specification, on time and within budget, with our globally competitive pricing.

Product Range

  • Reeling and Trailing Cables
  • Reeling and Trailing Cables to AS/NZS 1802:2003
  • Reeling and Trailing Cables to AS/NZS 2802:2000
  • Cables to AS/NZS 1972:2002
  • Type 41; Type 61 A; Type 61 B; Type 63; Type 66; Type 611; Type 66 ECC; Type 241.1; Type 7; Type 2S; Mining Cables Type 1 PVC Insulated & Covered Collectively Screened; Mining Cables Type 275
  • Mining Power Cable 2KV – 25KV (PPM) – W Mining 90C 2KV – G Mining 90C 2KV – G-GC Mining 90C 2KV
  • MP-GC XLP Mine Power 90C 5KV – 15KV – MP-GC EPR Mine Power 90C 5KV – 15KV – SHD-GC Mining Heavy Duty 90C 2KV-25KV – SHD-PGC Mining Heavy Duty 90C 2KV-8KV

Reeling & Trailing Cables to AS/NZS 1802:2003

  • Type 209 1.1 to 11kV
  • Type 210 1.1/1.1kV
  • Type 275 1.1/1.1kV
  • Type 240 1.1 to 11kV
  • Type 241 1.1 to 11kV
  • Type 245 1.1 to 6.6kV
  • Type 260 1.1 to 11kV

Reeling & Trailing Cables to AS/NZS 2802:2000

  • Type 409 1.1 to 22kV
  • Type 412 1.1/1.1kV
  • Type 440 1.1 to 22kV
  • Type 441 1.1/1.1kV
  • Type 441 3.3 to 22kV
  • Type 450 3.3 to 33kV
  • Type 455 3.3 to 33kV
  • Cables to AS/NZS 1972:2006
  • Type 1.1/1.1KV
  • Type 2S 1.1/1.1kV to 3.3/3.3kV
  • Type A & B 1.1/1.1kV
  • XLPE Insulated 6.35/11 and 12.7/22kV

*For our non-stock items, we offer MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) – please ask
*Specially manufactured cables with a delivery lead time of 6 to 8 weeks by sea or 3 to 4 weeks by air freight.Reeling_Cables

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XTREM DN-F 0.6/1kV Flexible rubber cable for industrial use

Part Number Cross Section (mm2)
XD01X35 35
XD01X50 50
XD01X70 70
XD01X095 90
XD01X120 120

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