Solar Cables

Power Flex Cables have solar cables designed to support renewable energy initiatives,to help meet the renewable and clean energy objectives, particularly for the solar industry in Australia.

Power Flex Cables has a solar cables that provides a durable, high-performance interconnection solution between photovoltaic (PV) panels and from panels to the “inverter” which transforms solar power into usable AC electricity.

Power Flex solar cables have the following properties

  • no fire propagation
  • low smoke fumes
  • halogen free
  • uv resistant
  • durable for indoor and outdoor usage
  • high temperature rating
  • excellent weathering and abrasion
  • resistant to water
  • resistant to chemical and oils
  • fully flexible class 5 for ease of installation and stripping

These solar cables are suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. Conforming to IEC standards.

Top Solar Catalogue

Top Solar Heavy Duty

These high performance solar cables are designed to meet the rigours of the outdoor application environment and provide long term durability and flexibility, combined with ease of installation.

Our quality European solar cables are innovatively engineered and manufactured , designed for Australia’s toughest conditions.

Power Flex solar cables provides a safer, longer lasting and more durable cable for normal or harsh environments, normal and extreme weather and temperatures we combine sophisticated, advanced technology and rugged durability.

Power Flex cables have innovative ideas and design, using only quality European made cables, on time delivery and backed with 60 years of experience our technical team have both the knowledge and the experience to supply the correct solutions to your problems. OEM and IEC Certification.

Power Flex Cables save you time and money, we make sure that your project is completed to specification, on time and within budget, with our globally competitive pricing.

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