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Power Flex Cables are the leading manufacturer and exporters of submersible  cables, bore hole pump cable, bore well pump cable, sewage pump cables, aqua culture cables, dewatering cables, solar pump cables, rubber cables.

In the air, for normal or harsh environments, normal and extreme weather and temperatures we combine sophisticated, advanced technology and rugged durability.

Power Flex Submersible Pump Cable, is specifically designed and dedicated to be a submersible cable a  class 5 flexible, to International IEC Standards, RoHS, VDE, AENOR, CBEC, GOST, CE, and  Bureau Veritas certification,  our rubber cable, H07RN-F is one of the few certified in Australia suitable for drink water.

What does all this mean? Simpily it’s the best cable for your requirement.

  • Underwater totally submersible
  • UV resistant
  • Metre marked
  • It is totally flexible and smooth, class 5
  • It can with stand temperatures to 90 degrees
  • Full size earth
  • The sheath provides excellent resistance to chemical corrosion, protection against mineral and hydrocarbon oils and uv resistant
  • Large warehousing of cable stock
  • No minimum order buy

Some of the companies we are currently dealing with are local councils, preferred supplier to major water groups such as Irrigear, Think Water, Rural Co/CRT, Total Eden and  many  independents.

Aquaculture, Tassal, Seafarm, Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture ( one of the larges black tiger prawn farming companies in Australia)  and other fisheries in the aqua culture sector from prawn farms, barramundi fish farms, salmon farms,  we have your submersible cable needs covered.

Power Flex Cables has the ability to produce a range of options for customised cable from a new and unique designs to problematic cables.  Be pleasantly surprised with the low minimum order  quantity and pricing.

Power Flex Cables has used the same manufacturing company for over 10 years, use a brand that is known/trusted in the industry.

XTREM H07RN-F DN-F 0.6/1kV: 90 Degree inner insulation, 90 Degree rated outer sheath, submersible AD8 up to 450 meters, suitable for continuous flexing up to 1kV, marine, mining, drinking water compliant available in SDI, single core rubber and multicore configurations from 2×1 up to 4G35mm, 5G25mm in stock and higher upon request. This is the very best rubber cable on the market and we offer this premium range to suit many heavy duty projects.

H07 RN-F submersible pump cable: This cable has been used and trusted by our irrigation community for years, it is a same day/next day ship item from our brisbane warehouse. Our H07 offers great flexibility, submersible performance and excellent construction.  Powerflex distributes this cable across the country in commercial volumes and we offer competitive pricing and free into store delivery on our 500 meter drums.

Powerflex RV-K. Our best-selling pump cable featuring XLPE insulation with a DMV-18 ST2 outer sheath, the RV-K offers excellent performance underwater and in moist environments, easy and light to install, it’s a favorite around the country and backed by pump installers, farmers, irrigation specialists and aquaculture leaders across Australia.

Multicore layup (2×1.5mm, 2×2.5mm, 2x4mm, 3×1.5mm, 3×2.5mm, 3x4mm, 3x6mm, 3x10mm, 4×1.5mm, 4×2.5mm, 4x4mm, 4x6mm, 4x10mm, 4x16mm, 4x25mm, 4x35mm, 5×1.5mm, 5×2.5mm, 5x4mm, 5x6mm, 5x10mm, 5x25mm, 7×1.5mm, 7×2.5mm, 12×1.5, 12×2.5 more sizes available upon request)

1-3 core configurations available for single phase pumps, 3 core + earth (4G, 5G) available for 3 phase pumps and systems. Call us to have our team assist with the best cable for the job.

IEC 60228 Flexible Copper Class 5 Conductor

EM2 Thermosetting Flexible Rubber outer sheath, Black, 50362-2-1

Flame non-propogation acc. to IEC 60332-1

AD8 Submersion

AWQC AS/NZS 4020, Deep wells

<HAR> AENOR, DNV, RoHS, CE, IEC 60245, IEC 60092-353

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