Power Flex Cables uses Schrack,  Austria’s major supplier of  Electro Technology, Lighting and Networking Products, bringing you a full and innovative product package that will save you both time and money.

Schrack, best known as a market leader in relay and circuit breaker technologies, based in Vienna, Austria, not only offers relays with a full suite of products to provide a one stop shop for electrical designers, consultants, contractors, board builders, equipment manufactures and architects.

Contactors and Relays

As building automation becomes increasingly popular the need for high quality affordable modular contactors is increasing. Schrack meets this challenge with its BZ Modular Contactor range. The Schrack range of modular contactors can be used to switch and control lighting systems heating ventilation pumps heat pumps or air conditioning and other building automation requirements.

Din Rail Mounted Relay

.6.2mm wide Din rail mountable relay package consisting of Din-rail socket and replay, 1 CO with 6a rated load, Module width only 6.2mm, Reduced system width for increased packing density on the Din rail.

Modular Din Rail Mounted Contactors

Din rail mountable installation contractors typically used for heating, cooling and lighting applications.  Schrack contractors are renowned throughout Europe for their quiet, high quality and affordability

Industrial Control

Our time-saving and cost-efficient industrial control systems offer a complete world of functionalities to control industrial plants and machinery.

Whether you require main switches, emergency stops, cam switches or control and display signals, our perfectly designed, ergonomic control elements offer highest versatility and most diverse possibilities of usage in all types of industrial applications. Most standard applications are available as pre-designed product sets:

Cam Switches

Control Enclosures


Main Switches

Palm Switch

Lighting Control

Emergency Light Test Relay

Intergrated test button adjustable times, 1 CO contact

Wall mounted Twilight Switches

Photoelectric switch with intergrated light sensor.

Fed up with the sub-standard, unattractive twilight switches that just don’t perform? Then switch to Schrack’s German made twilight switches. These great looking IP55 rated wall mounted switches are designed with you and your customer in mind.  Fitted with large terminals and capable of switching 16A @ 230V Schrack’s twilight switches have infinitely adjustable switching brightness and a large light exposure range of approximately 180 degrees.  For the installer, a built-in test button is integrated and can be triggered without opening the device.

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